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Exclusive Interview with Lizzie Velasquez: YouTube Sensation, Anti-Bullying Activist and All-Round Superwoman

I am very excited to be chatting with Lizzie Velasquez whose film A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story has just premiered at SXSW. The documentary film, produced by Women Rising and funded entirely on Kickstarter, follows Lizzie’s touching journey up to her speaking at TEDxWomenAustin, the most viewed TEDWomen event in 2013, to ultimately lobbying Capitol […]

Exclusive Interview with Miss Fame: Super Model Drag Queen

Hello and welcome to The Llama Post. Today I am very excited to be chatting with the beautiful Miss Fame, who is currently appearing on LogoTV’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7. Miss Fame: Super Model Drag Queen has already had an incredibly varied and prolific career as a male model and drag artist. She has appeared […]

Behind the Portrait with Austin Young

Hello and welcome to The Llama Post. Today I am very excited to be chatting with Austin Young, seminal portraiture photographer based in Los Angeles. Austin has photographed the who’s who of the sub, trans and queer community in New York, LA, and San Francisco. His work has been shown in major gallery exhibitions and […]

An Interview with Candyman Jamie Laing

Today we chat with Jamie Laing, enigmatic star of Channel 4’s hit show Made In Chelsea. Jamie has recently founded Candy Kittens, a gourmet confectionary and fashion brand based in London. Although a relative newcomer to the traditional confectionary market, Candy Kittens is absolutely flourishing. The brand has built a strong online presence, engaging in […]

Getting Under the Skin of Alaska

I am very excited to be chatting with Star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000! Today we hope to get underneath the skin of Alaska, one of drag’s most compelling and utterly mesmerising Queens. Completely otherworldly and outlandish, Alaska has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and recognition of her art since her […]

Brandy Monique and the Alchemy of FIG+YARROW

Hello and welcome to The Llama Post. Today we chat to Brandy Monique, the fabulous lady behind natural skincare brand FIG+YARROW. Based in Denver, FIG+YARROW is a small batch, handcrafted cosmetic company, using organic botanicals and a range of natural earth elements. Since its beginnings on Etsy, FIG+YARROW has grown tremendously, introducing people to the power of […]

Larry Tee: Original Club Kid, Electroclash Bad boy, Fashion Designer

I am very excited to be chatting with Larry Tee, one of the original Club Kids, prolific music producer, and recently turned fashion designer. Tee has been described as the bad boy of electro music; challenging the conventions and prejudices within the music industry. He has been credited for inventing the music genre Electroclash and […]

An Interview with South Korea based Beauty Guru Edward Avila aka MrPanda101

Today we chat to Edward Avila also known as Panda101 on YouTube. Edward is based in Seoul, South Korea and has a fantastic channel, reviewing Korean cosmetics as well as current style trends for men. Edward’s videos are lighthearted and fun but always incredibly informative. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot […]

Canadian Girl in Japan: An Interview with Kanadajin3

Hello and welcome to the Llama Post! Today we chat to YouTube star Mira, aka Kanadajin3. Mira is based in Tokyo, Japan and has built up a large following on her YouTube channel where she makes fantastic videos about life in Japan. Mira’s videos are fun and always incredibly insightful. In her vlogs, Mira explorers […]

Aaron Jay: The Man Behind Randy Otter

Hello and welcome to The Llama Post! I am very excited to be chatting with illustrator Aaron Jay, also known as Randy Otter. Aaron has built up an impressive range of design work and has worked with some great clients, including Specsavers to produce their ‘Spot the Difference’ campaign as well as designing a broad […]

YouTube’s best Vegan Chef: Ryoya Takashima from Peaceful Cuisine ☆

Today we chat to Japan based vegan chef and instructor Ryoya Takashima from Ryoya also has a very popular YouTube channel where he demonstrates his amazing vegan recipes. Ryoya’s cookery videos are some of the most stunning on YouTube and are all vegan or raw vegan. Ryoya’s recipes are absolutely delicious and are low […]

Fox Fisher: Trans Activist, Gender Documenter, Artist

I am very excited to be chatting with Fox Fisher. You may remember Fox from Channel 4’s 2011 hit My Transsexual Summer (MTS). Since then Fox has gone on to co-found with Lewis Hancox, My Genderation, an innovative film project aiming to document the experiences and perspectives of gender variances. Fox is a very active […]

Get ‘Yoga-Ripped’ with Man Flow Yoga

Today we talk to Dean Pohlman founder of Man Flow Yoga, a no-nonsense, no-thrills yoga program tailored towards people who want the physical results of yoga without the esoterical baggage that often accompanies it. Dean is a man on a mission. Changing the perception of yoga, especially amongst men who may wish to use this […]

Liberty’s Omar Khan: Artistic Fashion Director, Stylist, Actor

Hello and welcome to The Llama Post. I am very excited to be chatting with Omar Khan, who is currently appearing on the new season of Channel 4’s Liberty of London. I have to say I am totally hooked on the show and absolutely love watching Omar stylishly working the floor of Liberty’s Womenswear! Omar […]

Behind the Fabulous Interior Design Duo: Jordan and Russell from

Today we go behind the scenes of creative interior design duo: Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, aka 2 lovely gays! You may remember Jordan from BBC2’s 2014 hit design show The Great Design Challenge. Since then Jordan and Russell have gone on to start a successful interior design company based in South London. They have […]