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An Interview with Candyman Jamie Laing

Today we chat with Jamie Laing, enigmatic star of Channel 4’s hit show Made In Chelsea. Jamie has recently founded Candy Kittens, a gourmet confectionary and fashion brand based in London. Although a relative newcomer to the traditional confectionary market, Candy Kittens is absolutely flourishing. The brand has built a strong online presence, engaging in […]

Brandy Monique and the Alchemy of FIG+YARROW

Hello and welcome to The Llama Post. Today we chat to Brandy Monique, the fabulous lady behind natural skincare brand FIG+YARROW. Based in Denver, FIG+YARROW is a small batch, handcrafted cosmetic company, using organic botanicals and a range of natural earth elements. Since its beginnings on Etsy, FIG+YARROW has grown tremendously, introducing people to the power of […]