Canadian Girl in Japan: An Interview with Kanadajin3

KanadaJin3 Mira in Japan

Hello and welcome to the Llama Post! Today we chat to YouTube star Mira, aka Kanadajin3. Mira is based in Tokyo, Japan and has built up a large following on her YouTube channel where she makes fantastic videos about life in Japan.

Mira’s videos are fun and always incredibly insightful. In her vlogs, Mira explorers Japan, taking her viewers around some of the most interesting places across Japan. Mira also comments on what it is like for an international person to live and work in Japan as well the current trends in Japanese society and culture.

Can you tell us a little about your background and why you decided you would like to live in Japan?  

Moving to Japan was actually pretty much a spontaneous choice. My boyfriend at the time was Japanese and he was moving back to Tokyo. He offered for me to come along with him on a 1 year working holiday visa and I agreed. When I got to Japan I fell in love with the atmosphere and decided I wanted to continue living here.

Kanadajin3 Mira in Japan Temple

What do you love about living in Japan?

I love the fact that everywhere you go there is a convenience store packed with not only pop and chips, but also other healthy options as well as fully prepared meals. I love the fashion in Tokyo and the importance that is placed on maintaining a fashionable style here.

What do you find most difficult about living in Japan?

There are not a lot of options for real outback survival style camping in Japan. Japan is a small island nation and there are not a lot of very remote areas such as the ones you can find in Canada. Camping in Japan is just not the same; I really miss the Canadian outdoors.

Do you have any top tips for international people coming to Japan?

When people come to Japan they should have a very open mind and a very open heart. Watch those around you very carefully and really try to take in the culture. Understanding Japan is the key to having a wonderful time here.

KanadaJin3 Mira in Japan Kimono

Can you tell us what sort of jobs international people coming to Japan can expect to be able to get?

There are a lot of people from abroad who work in the IT industry, architecture, education, photography and the film industry. There are also great opportunities for students who wish to work part time in the food industry.

We love your YouTube series ‘Housewife in Japan’. Can you tell us, do you feel that women, as well as other group such as ethnic minorities, Internationals, and gay people are treated fairly in Japan?

In my time in Japan I have not seen the treatment to these groups of people to be any different than in Canada. There is a definite gay community in Japan, however it is something that is not really talked about here in Japan. I have to say that I have never come in contact with someone who has had a negative opinion of them.

On occasion I have felt there to be very subtle feelings of annoyance, when it comes to the treatment of ethnic minorities in Japan. This is mostly because people from ethnic minorities in Japan stand out and sometimes people will have preconceived stereotypes about them (such as all Caucasians are able to speak English perfectly).

We love your videos. Where do you get your inspiration for your content?

When I go outside and see something that I think is interesting, I make a note to go back there and film it. I am always quick to come up with ideas, and usually it comes to me while I am filming. Sometimes my fans write me mail requesting to go somewhere and I always try my best to fulfil their wishes.

Where would you like to see your YouTube Channel in the next few years?

When I think about the future of my YouTube channel I don’t really think about numbers but rather how much positive feedback I want to receive from the people who visit my channel. I enjoy getting mail and pictures from my fans saying that they have travelled to Japan and had an amazing time because of my videos. I hope to continue on the same path that I am on and continue to enjoy what I do.

Finally are you working on any exciting upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

I have recently started branching off from not just making videos about Tokyo, to making videos all across Japan. I want to show people every corner of this beautiful country. I am also in the middle of making a website which I am very excited about!

All photography: Kanadajin3

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  1. Anya Anya · · Reply

    Hi, Kanadajin3! Are you going to start your own website? WOW, it”s suuupercool! I can hardly wait! Good luck!


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