Behind the Fabulous Interior Design Duo: Jordan and Russell from

Today we go behind the scenes of creative interior design duo: Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, aka 2 lovely gays! You may remember Jordan from BBC2’s 2014 hit design show The Great Design Challenge.

Since then Jordan and Russell have gone on to start a successful interior design company based in South London. They have designed an impressive range of contemporary interiors, referencing design elements from the mid century to modern glam.

Can you give us an idea of what design briefs you are both currently working on?

Russell: We have several projects on the go at the moment. One in particular that is very exciting is the total renovation of a Georgian four story town house.

Jordan: The design marries high glamour with minimalism. It is a total contrast but will be stunning! Also a chocolate shop!

Can you describe to us the most important part of your design process when you receive a new brief?

J: For us it’s about creating something that is both beautiful and functional with the clients needs at heart whilst still pushing them outside of their comfort zone.

Can you tell us what rolls you both play when it comes to formulation and implementation of your designs?

R: We both bring exciting things to the table. Jordan works in broad strokes and I work in detail.

J: Also Russell works really well in colour and I love Fabric/soft furnishings.

How does your marriage translate into your design work?

R: It’s a very blurred line and we are constantly working at it, the trouble is when you start your own business it takes up every second of your day!

J: It’s difficult to switch off and say ‘okay it’s 10pm, work’s over lets relax’. I think that’s because we love it so much we get really into each project that we take on.

 Can you tell us your greatest design heroes?

R: We love discovering new talents like Tracey Tubb and Calico wallpaper from NYC. Also I love Jasper Morison and Jamie Hayon.

J: I have always loved Vivienne Westwood; I love to blur boundaries between fashion and interiors.

Where do you both get your design inspiration?

J: All over, we love to go to the theatre and opera; the National is the most incredible building. We also love the Soane Museum.

R: I think it’s important to seek inspiration from both the past and the future. Who is creating the design classics of the next generation…we want to be part of that!

Your go-to interior design shops?

R: The New Craftsman in Mayfair is wonderful! We also Love antique fairs. It’s good to get out of London sometimes to find some gems. High street wise BHS do great lighting and Habitat are showing some really great pieces too.

Trends you both are loving right now?

R: Colour blocking and Terracotta, we have been saying it for 12 months!

Trends you hate right now?

J: The feature wall. Urgh.

Finally, what do you both see being big in 2015?

R: Colour wise- Plasticine Blue will be big along with Terracotta and Pistachio.

J: Also decorating with shades of one colour as apposed to contrasting hues. I think carpeting will see a resurgence- even patterned carpet will come back!

R: We are seeing a move back towards ‘room’ living as apposed to open plan. Interior design is becoming more important to people in the current climate. People want to enjoy living in their homes and are therefore placing more value on their interior.

J: So taking that into account, hopefully us!

All photography: Megan Taylor

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